A common denominator: Laughter

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Why did the chicken cross the road again?

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If you’ve always wondered why you “click” with some people instantly but struggle to keep a friendship with others, you can check out this article before moving forward. Friends?

Our ability to quickly gravitate towards people and share an instant connection with them while finding it difficult to be friends with others has always intrigued me. I wanted to find out why and I wanted to know what pulled me to the people I “clicked” with. This is all based on friendships.

I began an unconscious deep introspection that lasted a few days. I call it unconscious because I did not pay attention to it, I just let it roam randomly in my mind for some days. Then one day, it struck me.

The reason why I instantly clicked with friends from a different background, culture, or even personality and not with others, even if we shared the same traits was this: Their ability to have a good laugh and take nothing too personally, even more when we laugh at similar things.

Every single friendship that I have thoroughly enjoyed and was totally myself was built on the ability to laugh together at the most silly things, and the ability to take nothing too personally. Of course, we took our career, family, and faith seriously but not other things.

If you did an introspection on what gravitates you to people, what would it be? I would like to know.

Laughter is heart, in a world where everything seems to want to drown you. Laughter makes you feel like you’ve got everything under control even when the whole world is falling.

Laughter is like a windshield wiper, it doesn’t stop the rain but allows us to keep going.

I and my friends were always accused of laughing at the most wrong moments. Someone could be telling us something serious and our first instinct would be to have a good laugh about it first before attempting to help. People hated it but I mean, you mustn’t take everything too seriously. I remember telling another friend of mine about a girl in my class, repeating the person’s jokes and we would laugh till our sides hurt. Other people just couldn’t understand what was funny with what I said.

Trust me, I’ve been friends with serious-minded people (people who take everything too seriously) and I always wonder how they do it. Although, the more I age, the more I take things seriously. The friends I keep close to me are those who know when and how to have a good laugh.

Life is funny, if you don’t laugh you’re in trouble- Taylor Hawkins

Laughter or lightheartedness may not be it for you. It may be the person’s academic prowess. The person’s love for sports, music, adventure, you name it.

To end this article, try saying “bubbles” angrily. What did you think about while saying that? Did you smile a little? There’s no angry way of saying bubbles.




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