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A poem

For literature.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

The Greek gods didn’t have anything on you,

But for your smile.

The warmth of our friendship was true

Under the flowers of teenage age, it did last a short while.


I felt heard

Seen, unbothered.

One day it all vanished.

Tight lips replaced twenty-eight teeth.

You watched my every word;

Weighing their potency.


I knew the flowers didn’t bloom,

I never got to know the reason why.

You intentionally pulled out the root.

Yet I stayed.

Wanted to.

Didn’t understand why.

This isn’t what friendship was supposed to look like

Me reaching out, you pulling back

An uncanny interest in someone else

You did not consider me worthy

And I have self-respect too

We would never know

What is stronger

than the human heart

which shatters over and over

and still lives.

“from Milk and Honey”, by Rupi Kaur

Till next time,

Love and light.

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